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Big Raccoon tonight!

Stuck my head out the window this evening because I saw one of the feral cats out there but it was off the deck, and that’s when I saw why! BIG raccoon on the deck eating corn pieces with its little paws. The cat, wisely I think, trotted away to leave the area to the raccoon! I may have a picture to post tomorrow if it turned out!

Carolina Wren on suet Video

February 10, 2016 I was watching the winter world outside the kitchen window here in SW Lansing, Michigan when I spotted this chunky little Carolina Wren eating suet like it was going out of style!

The round little bird would poke at the suet a time or two and then take a quick look around under the suet, making sure there was no danger coming from the other side of the suet cake I’m guessing. It stayed for a minute or so eating lots of gooey, fatty suet since it probably was having a hard time finding any bugs in the cold and snow.

That is their main diet – bugs. I know from watching them that they really like big moths! I’ve seen them capture and eat them many times in the past. I really enjoy watching, and listening to the resident Carolina Wren do its thing while often calling for other Carolina Wrens from nearby trees!