About MichiganBirder.com

MichiganBirder.com is the birding, bird feeding and bird watching blog of Lansing, Michigan birder, angler and website designer Dan Kimmel, owner of AnglerHosting.com.

Though Dan is not a super serious birder like many of the well-known birding personalities a general love of the outdoors has driven Dan to enjoy the urban birds around our Southwest Lansing back yard by putting up a variety of feeders mixed with some bushes, trees and water to attract a wide range of birds for an outdoors fix when Dan can't be on a lake somewhere - his true outdoors love!

Juvenile Carolina Wren in our back yard

Juvenile Carolina Wren in our back yard

Dan and his wife Angie, who helps with the bird feeding out back, occasionally visit parks and other areas to enjoy the outdoors and take additional pictures of birds and wildlife. Expect to see pictures of birds and other wildlife on this blog hearing some of the small adventures that occur in our outdoors whether it's the back yard, a lake or woods out there somewhere.

We will share pictures and stories occasionally from others too as they interest us and you!We hope you visit often to walk with us in the outdoors even if often it's just our back yard. You can check us out on Facebook at www.facebook.com/MichiganBirder and videos on YouTube at www.youtube.com/user/michiganbirder