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The Cool Carolina Wren

The Carolina Wren is one of my favorite backyard birds. Most days I walk out back and hear the overly loud call of this small but powerful bird, whether it is singing, cheering or ‘ditting’ away, looking for love, and other Carolina Wrens!

It’s hard to imagine a smallish bird like this has such a powerful voice but it is overwhelming when a puffy little Carolina Wren breaks out in song from a branch nearby. They are a curious bird that seems to always be on the lookout for other Carolina Wrens. Sometimes even when there is already a pair of them, they still sing and call.

Carolina Wren sits in our baby walnut tree in between singing, looking for a friend 640 20141129-1205-69
Carolina Wren sits in our baby walnut tree in between singing, looking for a friend 640 20141129-1205-69

There displaying is very entertaining too. I even enjoy watching them hunt for bugs. They seem to really like eating large moths as they will hop around the edges of our deck and house hunting and pecking for morsels of food. I’m sure the bugs don’t appreciate getting eaten but it is the way of the world.

I one day had an amazing experience with a Carolina Wren that I still don’t understand to this day. I was spraying out the back gutter when the round little bird landed in the other end of the gutter and excitedly chattered away loudly, hopping back and forth in and out of the edge of my water spray.

It looked like it was expecting to catch some bugs, maybe? I don’t know but as long as I was spraying out the gutter this little bird kept up its act. Hopping, chattering, in and out of the spray, and pretty sure it was looking for something too, not just getting a bath maybe. Very cool experience I’ll never forget!

The Carolina Wrens occasionally visit our suet feeder for some energy. Rarely do I see them eat any seeds outside of the suet, but they do come in and check out the feeders a few times a day. Maybe to see what the other birds are doing? Maybe looking for other Carolina Wrens? I’ve put out dried mealworms for them but so far mostly Chickadees and Nuthatches eat those.

Carolina Wrens are territorial so we should have one or two around to entertain and add to the natural outdoor beauty for the foreseeable future.

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